Monday, September 8, 2008

Catch This One: Kodiak Fisherman Meets Don Young at Golf "Tournament"

Young Serves Up Seafood--Accepts Donations
You must read this recent post on Alaska Report (bottom). Congressman Young, having apparently scraped out a victory in a Republican primary in which he was pitted against an opponent with the charisma of a sheet of unlined white paper, was busily accepting donations to his legal, ah, I mean campaign fund while he still can-- before Democrat Ethan Berkowitz beats him like a flapping halibut in the General, making it at least uncomfortable for him to continue to take money from corporations to keep himself out of jail.
Exxon played a similar stalling game for the last twenty years. They could afford to postpone justice indefinitely (many would say forever). Its nice to think that soon Don Young will run out of money to pay his lawyers. They are engaged in an expensive game of challenging every scrap of damning evidence by claiming it has some tenuous link to his job as a "legislator".
I suppose his golf clubs could never be used as evidence against him. They seem to be his single most indispensible tool.